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HELP & FAQ Documentation
What is this website about?
FAVPNG is a designer resource platform which contains more than 16 million transparent PNG images available for download. All images on our site have been uploaded by our users, and are publicly available. Nearly all images have a transparent background, so you can use them in your design projects.
Under what license are the images available?
By default, images found on our site can be used for Personal Use only. PREMIUM members have the option to request a commercial license from the uploader. Although not guaranteed, these licenses are granted most of the time.
How can I get in contact with the FAVPNG?
Visit our contact us page. We reply within 24 hours.
I need an image removed?
Please send us a message on our contact us page, and we will help you remove it.
When can I upload images?
New accounts cannot upload images for a while. We do this to prevent spam from being uploaded. You will receive an email when your account is eligible to start uploading content.
Are my images publicly available?
Yes, all content is fully public, and anyone will be able to see all content you upload, including search engines such as Google. Do not upload sensitive or private content to our platform.
What kind of content is allowed to be uploaded?
Any non-family friendly content will be removed, and users who upload such content will get banned. Copyrighted content is also not allowed.
I want to remove my account?
No problem, simply shoot us a message via the contact us page.
Are there any download limits?
We allow 2 downloads per day for free accounts. We also offer PREMIUM accounts which have no daily download limits.
Can I change my username?
Yes, simply head over to My Profile, there you will find a link to edit your username. Please note that this is a PREMIUM accounts only feature.
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FAVPNG - Download Free Transparent PNG Images
Our database contains over 16 million of free PNG images. All PNG images can be used for personal use unless stated otherwise.
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